Spring is finally making an entrance and what an entrance it’s making in the Nature Area. Year 2 went exploring this morning as part of their English learning. They found frog spawn in the pond and are very excited to see them develop over the coming weeks.

Our Green Team have been busy finishing planting all of the plants.

Next term we begin our vegetable patch, so the Green Team will be hard at work digging the chosen areas and planting, onions and potatoes as well as some seeds, all donated from Baytree Garden Centre.

Planting new plants

The KS1 Green Team were busy last Monday. Half of the children set to work tidying up the flower pots at the front entrance of the school and the other half set to work planting some new plants that have been very kindly donated. It was hard work and we only got half of the plants planted! Still lots to do before Spring comes.  

Preparing Our Patches

This week the ‘Green Team’ managed to get out into the nature area in the glorious sunshine.

We measured out our vegetable patches ready for us to start digging in a few weeks time. We shall be digging three vegetable patches.

We’ve already been donated some potatoes and a variety of seeds from Baytree Garden Center.

KS1 Green Team

The KS1 Green Team worked hard today.

They had to move all the plants that KS2 had placed around the nature area as the forecast over the next few week is cold and frosty and we want to protect them. We then filled all the bird feeders and dotted them around our nature area. This is to make sure all the birds have plenty of food over the colder days.


New Plants

Well we’re truly back into the swing of things now after our Christmas break.

The Green Team members from KS2 have been helping sort out all our new plants. We’ve placed them around the Nature area in preparation for the KS1 Green Team to plant next week.

We shall be posting each week what is happening in the Nature area as we have some exciting new developments happening over the coming months that has been helped immensely from local businesses.

So please keep checking our blog as the developments take place.

Here are a few photographs of what we’ve accomplished this week.


Green Team

Spring is on its way …

Signs of Spring

A wonderful team of parent volunteers with Mrs Green have continued working hard in the nature area. You will see the changes and notice Spring is on its way, as the spring flowers  are beginning to appear. We have been supported financially and practically by our local Spar (Charity Blakemore Foundation) and are grateful for their continued support. As previously mentioned many local businesses have supported us through financial and generous donations of materials, for which we are extremely grateful.

We will be having a ‘Launch Week’ beginning Monday 19th March – Mrs Green has organised a timetable of events and activities for the whole school to take part in and our fabulous ‘Outdoor learning area’ will be officially opened before our Friends of School Spring Fair on Saturday 24th March.

Day 2 … even Storm Brian didn’t stop us!

We all met at early O clock, with the energy and enthusiasm for phase 2 of our project. In reality there are still many more phases to go, as one job seemed to lead to another! A very welcome ‘bacon buttie’ was kindly given to us by our local Spar and after a breakfast stop, we continued with digging, fence building, planting, clearing, painting, path laying and all those little things in between!

A huge thank you (again) to all those fabulous volunteers who are helping us create this amazing outdoor learning environment for all of our children.

Busy planting ..


Fence building

Preparing the pathways

Developing the pond area
All those other tasks too!

What a great day …

The Nature Area Challenge Begins ….

The Friends of School have taken on the challenge of turning our ‘Nature Area’ into a wonderful outdoor learning space for all of our children. It is a long term project to enable us to achieve a creative and exciting environment, to enable the children to learn new skills and acquire knowledge of the world around them.

On Saturday 7th October the challenge began! A group of enthusiastic volunteers set to work in the nature area …

The fabulous pond was installed …

The compost bays completed ….

Paths were created ….

To be continued … day 2 coming soon!